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How bosidin opt works

BoSidin is the first to introduce medical-grade technologies used in cosmetic centers into at-home hair removal devices. OPT strengthens each effective pulse, giving you the same intensity normally only found in medical hair removal devices. Light strikes follicles deep at the root, easily removing even the toughest hair. By rapidly emitting soft pulses of light, medical-grade continuous pulse technology allows heat to build up at the root and effectively suppress hair regrowth.  BoSidin OPT is the perfect combination of energy and wavelength, which has the superiority of laser and IPL, so that can penetrate deeply into hair follicles and the energy has a qualitative upgrade. Also, it has a very low effect on epidermis, which is truly safe.  The pulses...

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BoSidin skin rejuvenation

 With BoSidin's system, you can give your face a complete makeover without ever stepping foot in a salon. BoSidin utilizes continuous pulse technology, which is specifically designed to target hair on sensitive parts of the face. It quickly and easily eliminates facial hair without leaving any roots or dark spots, meaning that you instantly see smoother, picture-perfect skin without the headache of waxing or dying. This technology even helps with makeup application. Foundation and powder set more easily and stays longer. In addition, BoSidin also uses red light rejuvenation to boost collagen production, protect existing collagen and elastin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Its anti-aging effect also means that after a single session, you'll already start to notice glowing,...

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How to use bosidin hair removal device D1178

Notice: This step is only used for Bosidin D1178 Manua I flash mode Remove excess hair by shaving, epilating the area before treatment.  Wear goggle to protect your eyes. Put the small plug in the device and put the adapter in the wall socket.  Rotate the 'rotate button' to select the right light intensity for your skin tone. *Rotate the 'rotate button' to auto-start. Six modes: you can choose hand, leg, armpit, face, private and SR mode. *Please change SR attachment when you select SR mode. The head that can be rotated 180 degrees, you can rotate it if you need. Place the device at a 90° angle to ensure full contact with your skin. Press the flash button to...

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