ipl laser hair removal
Bosidin Hair removal System
Bosidin Hair removal System
Bosidin Hair removal System
Bosidin Hair removal System
Bosidin Hair removal System
Bosidin Hair removal System
Bosidin Hair removal System
bosidin permanent hair removal
Bosidin Hair removal System
Bosidin Hair removal System

Bosidin Hair removal System

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Unlimited Flashes-Longer lasting permanent hair-free results.
Dynamic Cooling & Painless, hair removal for women & men.
Best laser hair removal in BoSidin, full body treatment only 10 minutes.
FDA cleared and clinically proven, safe at home laser hair removal.
Best permanent hair removal: Pubic hair, legs, arms, underarm, facial and SR mode.
Advanced OPT hair removal(the benefits of Laser and IPL technology).


The latest generation of OPT adopts laser and IPL hair removal technology with a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength, penetrate hair follicles, and the easiest at-home experience.

bosidin hair removal

From 1-2nd week(three times a week) hair grows slowly, reducing by more than 75%.

From 3-4th week(once/twice a week) less hair, dark spots will be reduced.

From 4-8th week(once for every week) best home laser hair removal, 99% will be cleaned.


With BoSidin's system, you can give your face a complete makeover without ever stepping foot in a salon. BoSidin utilizes continuous pulse technology, which is specifically designed to target hair on sensitive parts of the face. It quickly and easily eliminates facial hair without leaving any roots or dark spots, meaning that you instantly see smoother, picture-perfect skin without the headache of waxing or dying. This technology even helps with makeup application. Foundation and powder set more easily and stays longer.

In addition, BoSidin also uses red light rejuvenation to boost collagen production, protect existing collagen and elastin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Its anti-aging effect also means that after a single session, you'll already start to notice glowing, rejuvenated skin, so you can face the world with less worry and more confidence.


Step 1
Shave your hair in hair removal part.
Step 2
Plug the device and turn on the power.
Step 3
Turn on the machine and select the gear energy position.
Step 4
Adjust to the mode which you want, vertically contact the depilator with the skin.
Step 5
Wear goggles and hit the first time(Without attachment or use bikini magnetic attachment).
Step 6
Configure the corresponding SR head, repair damaged skin (Hit the second time)

Suitable skin color

Suitable hair color

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Customer Reviews

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Complete makeover at-home. Yay!!!

I hate when I see hairs on my legs getting thicker after shaving, its tiring and super itchy just a day after shaving. My hairs normally grow back fast just a day after shaved I start seeing it already. Frankly, its kinda hard to pass this one and not to give it a second look because, yes, the price, but, of course the outstanding look of it too and the fact that you can do skin rejuvenation is a win win! For me, I dont mind paying a little more as long as Ill be getting the results Im looking for. I did SKIN TEST the 2nd day I received this and its not that difficult as I thought it was! It was so easy to use. So, after I did my skin tested, Ive waited for 24 hours after for any reactions, I was so excited the following day then Ive proceeded on my First Treatment because my skin is ready. I did it fresh from the shower!

For hair removal, I followed what manufacturer suggested and for safety because its my first I did the setting 1 on my first day. My second treatment I did level 4, yes, base on my skin color says level 3 or 4... so I decided to go for 4 and its fine. It never hurts! For skin rejuvenation I did twice a week. I did the first one during my first day of hair removal and second is three days after. If you are wondering if its safe to do your skin care routine at night after SR, yes you can. But, only toner, serum, and a regular moisturizer and give it at least an hour or two after treatment before putting them on your face or skin. I will of course avoid skincare products that may irritate my skin for 24 hours after treatment! If I could only do it everyday I would, because its kinda addicting!! Im really liking the fast results!

IMPORTANT TIP: Watch your fingers while doing treatment, while pressing the flash I accidentally press different body parts/mode on the handle while using it, good thing I felt and saw it right away, was doing my legs then I saw that it was jumped on the armpit setting! Ive noticed a huge difference on slowing down the hairs regrowth on my legs, and noticed that the hairs just started to grow back again day before my second week treatment and theres only few spots that has hairs. It really slow down the hairs regrowth and the hairs is kinda a little thin! Not that much for my arms, maybe because I have more hair there and for armpit Im also seeing a difference there too but not as much on my legs! For the SR felt glowing on my face after doing it and it feels really tight! Im really enjoying it and feels good to take care of my skin! Its cool that it has two option modes. Manual and auto-flash. I tried both but its cool that it has the automatic one. Im really glad so far and love the SR (skin rejuvenation). Very impressive!!

Work very well and easy to use

It took me 2 months to get the rusult that i want, but it is working very well for me. Worth the money. My skin looks much smoother, and my hairs grows much slower now .

5 Stars Because It Is As Good As It's Advertised

I spent a lot of time researching all of the types of "home hair removal devices". And I chose this BoSidin because it can be used on both men and women, it has a unique delivery system, offers several different modes, and even a mode for skin rejuvenation. I've been using it on many different body parts and it works as described. It is not with some discomfort but the key is to shave first -and of course then wash and dry the skin area -and follow the direction booklet. It is by for not the most expensive device on the market, and also not the cheapest. But the price point was fine with me given the efficacy of the product -which has turned out to be spot on. I give 5 stars and highly recommend.

Better than expected

Its really good for hair removal during the COVID time since it would be more safe and convenient. Its easy to use with the handle and the angle. The different level and position makes the process easier! Love it!

beginner in using laser hair removal

I had this device for a while now and I wont lie this is probably the most beautiful laser hair removal I have seen on the market it feels worth the price and looks it too. I'm still trying it out will do updates as time goes on I have only treated my once so far and I have very thick coarse hair so it might take me a little longer to see results especially for me my hair will start growing within a day. So far I can't tell if it has worked, obviously it takes time but also because I haven't noticed what you usually notice with other laser hair like the burning hair smell or even sometimes the pain. Even at the highest setting which is 6 I have felt no pain at all. Maybe I'm just using it wrong and if so hopefully this will also help people who are new to laser hair removal and can learn from my mistakes depending on how it goes. Hopefully it goes well!