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About Us

We Are International Brand Engaged in Laser Beauty Products. Bosidins is the official supplier of Bosidin products in Worldwide.

We have tried to reach out to many people through our products. Our products are available to the customer at the best prices while our Service has emerged as the high point of our entire business philosophy. This has made our brands preferred ones among people of various nationalities in different product categories. This has been possible because of support we have enjoyed from all our associates, partners and above all, our dear customers. 

 Focus on cosmetic device for 10 years.

BoSidin cosmetic device is a home-use beauty device from the united kingdom. For 10 years, customer experience ha always been the first.

 2009 The birth of a home-use hair removal device.

 Bosidin the first home-use hair removal device was born in BoSidin laboratory UK. The professional technology of medical beauty is applied successfully to a home-use beauty instrument of hair removal device, everyone can operate it at home. Loved by British women.

Joint Research & Development with Nobel Winner. 

 Prof smoot received his bachelor degrees in mathematics and physics and his PHD in physics in 1970 from Massachusetts institute of technology. In 2006, prof. George smoot was awarded the Nobel prize in physics, for leading to the “discovery of the black body form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation” with his partner.

Researchers at BoSidin worked with prof smoot, we developed the latest hair removal device which can prevent hair regrowth, for smoot, beautiful skin that lasts. 

reddot design award 

PI-Code: 19-05217-2020PD
Winning the 2020 German reddot design award of hair removal.
The Oscar of design, the wind vane of global industrial design and development tendency.