With BoSidin's system, you can give your face a complete makeover without ever stepping foot in a salon. BoSidin utilizes continuous pulse technology, which is specifically designed to target hair on sensitive parts of the face. It quickly and easily eliminates facial hair without leaving any roots or dark spots, meaning that you instantly see smoother, picture-perfect skin without the headache of waxing or dying. This technology even helps with makeup application. Foundation and powder set more easily and stays longer. In addition, BoSidin also uses red light rejuvenation to boost collagen production, protect existing collagen and elastin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Its anti-aging effect also means that after a single session, you'll already start to notice glowing, rejuvenated skin, so you can face the world with less worry and more confidence. We recommend you to use the SR mode 2-3 times a week. This will help you to keep you youthful and tighten the skin which can result in that refinement of the pores. Please install the SR attachment and select the SR mode when you need to do skin care. Please note: We recommend you to use the device at least twice a week and keep using 3-4 months, when remove the stubborn hair. Especially, the men’s beard and the hair of armpit and bikini area. What to expect Immediately after the 1st treatment Alter the first treatment, it can take 1 to 2 weeks for the hairs to fall out. In the first weeks following the initial treatments, you still see some hairs growing. These are likely to be hairs that were not in their growing phase during the first treatments.