Bosidin Hair Removal System

Dynamic Cooling System

Innovative DCS technique developed by BoSidin: A consistent temperature of 5 ℃ on the surface of the skin. This cooling sensation ensures that hair removal is completely painless, and can be used safely in even the most sensitive areas.

Bosidin SR

Optimal Pulse Technology

The new generation OPT realizes the perfect combination of energy and wavelength, it has the advantages of both laser and IPL. Thus, the energy that penetrates deeply into hair follicles has a qualitative upgrade, and it only has low influence on the skin surface, which truly introduce the medical-beauty experience into your home.

Bosidin reddot design award

Super Constant Energy

Super Constant Energy makes the light continuously deliver steady energy to the treatment area, ensuring each hair follicle receives equalizing energy. Uniform spatial distribution of energy which promise a balanced hair removal and long-lasting silky smooth skin.

BoSidin Facial & Body Painless Permanent Hair Removal for Women & Men

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