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BoSidin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine For Permanent Whole Body Hair Removal Men And Women

BoSidin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine For Permanent Whole Body Hair Removal Men And Women
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BoSidin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine For Permanent Whole Body Hair Removal Men And Women
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BoSidin Pioneer-Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device

Painless and Safe Hair Removal with BoSidin

Revolutionary Technology: BoSidin combines continuous pulse technology with a dynamic cooling device (DCD). The DCD ensures a cooling sensation as pulsed light is emitted onto the skin, making hair removal painless and safe, even for the most sensitive areas.

Two-in-One Beauty Tool: BoSidin's Skin Rejuvenation function uses red light to boost collagen production, protect existing collagen and elastin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Achieve smoother, youthful skin effortlessly.

Exclusive Attachments: Our five exclusive attachments enhance effectiveness, ensuring ideal hair removal results. They also help shrink pores and remove dark spots in the hair follicles on treated skin, leaving no roots behind.

Convenient and Effective: The precision head rotates 180 degrees in both directions, allowing easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Achieve full-body hair removal in just 15 minutes. Noticeable hair reduction is visible after just 3 weeks of use.

Cost-Effective: BoSidin's hair removal device is built to last up to 25 years of treatments with no need for replacements or refills. We offer a 1-year warranty.

Suitable for Both Women and Men: Women can safely use it from head to toe, including the upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area. Men can use it to remove hair on the chest, back, arms, stomach, and legs.

Transform your hair removal routine with BoSidin, the ultimate solution for painless, effective, and long-lasting results.

BoSidin Hair Removal Device
BoSidin Hair Removal

BoSidin facial hair removal device also adopt skin rejuvenation to improve anti-age skin

As years go by, your skin began to tell a story—lazy summer days spent out in the sun, going through a difficult adolescence, each and every time your smile reached your eyes. Even significant weight gain or weight loss which can write its own chapter. Without a doubt, your skin can be the physical evidence of a life well-lived.

Fortunately, BoSidin not only can do facial hair removal for women it also has the sixth-generation photo rejuvenation technology incorporates a three-layer light source to individually penetrate different layers of the skin to improve elasticity and restores collagen production, IPL combines cleansing, laser photo rejuvenation, and repair into one single treatment, reducing wrinkles and blemishes and creating firmer, brighter skin.

Is hair removal at home work for me?

Suitable skin color

Suitable hair color

About Tattoo: You should not use BoSidin handset over tattoos. However, going around the tattoos is fine.

Operate Easily

Step 1

Shave your hair in hair removal part.

Step 2

Plug the device and turn on the power.

Step 3

Turn on the machine and select the gear energy position.

Step 4

Adjust to the mode which you want, vertically contact the depilator with the skin.

Step 5

Wear goggles and hit the first time(Without attachment or use bikini magnetic attachment).

Step 6

Configure the corresponding SR head, repair damaged skin (Hit the second time)

Notes and Tips:

1. Not suitable for tattooed and over-tanned skin, wounded areas, and pregnant.

2. Please shave and clean the expected skin area before use. Only long-term adherence to this product will have an effect.

3. The higher the energy level the better the hair removal effect, please start from low to high gradually.

4. The surface of the treatment window can be very hot after treatment. Do not touch the lens on the treatment window, and be sure that the treatment window is clean before use.

5. It is a plug-in device, please keep the device always connected to power during the treatment.

6. Please do not cover the vent during use. Never use the device if the plug or power cord is damaged.

7. Never use the device in a flammable and explosive environment. Please Keep the device away from water or moisture.

8. Please do not use components other than those equipped by BoSidin.

9. Due to high voltage circuits inside the product, please do not disassemble it without permission authorized by BoSidin.

Who We Are?

BoSidin was established in 2009 by a team of highly skilled scientists, engineers and globally acclaimed medical beauty experts.

What We Do?

Our mission is to help users find their own unique beauty with the help of accurate and efficient innovative technological beauty products.

What makes our products unique?

Under the leadership of chief scientist George Smoot (Nobel Prize winner), BoSidin has consistently maintained a leading position in the realm of medical beauty instruments.

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